Workshop with Christian Patterson
Book, Concept, and Narrative
10 - 12 March 2018
Ahorn Studio, Berlin, Germany

The workshop focuses on photography in book form, with an emphasis on concept and narrative, and a concentration on the basic steps involved in the initial process of making a book.

Christian Patterson will present his own work in an artist talk and provide generous, in-depth insights on his work- and book-making processes. He will also share guidelines, recommend best practices and identify the essential steps to successful photographic bookmaking. Most importantly, he will spend concentrated time working closely with workshop participants on their own projects.

This workshop will help you clarify your ideas, solidify the structure and narrative flow of your book, or, if you're only at the beginning of your project, start thinking about how to adapt your photographs and material for a printed object.

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This workshop will focus on one specific project that you’ve been already working on or planning to expand and adapt to the book form. It would be very helpful to know more about your project in order to tailor the workshop accordingly and suit better all the participants’ needs.

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Please send us a direct link to your project hosted directly on your website or a link to a web folder (using WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or a similar service) with a selection of 10-15 images and a short description from the ongoing project that you would like to edit during the workshop.
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Help us understand more about your project and artistic practice. We would love to see your website and your recent projects.

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